Bluff Knoll- Stirling Ranges


Bluff Knoll! What a spot this is. It’s actually the highest peak in southern Western Australia and is a part of the mighty Stirling Ranges. Bluff Knoll is around a four hour drive south of Perth, straight down the Albany Highway.


The approaching road seems foreign in a place as flat as Perth, but it’s such an exciting feeling watching the mountain range slowly getting closer as you zero in on your destination.

It’s a tough hike! You should allow a good 3-4 hours for a return trip up Bluff Knoll. There seems to be an endless cascade of stairs for almost the entirety of the hike, but reaching that peak is an amazing feeling. Don’t worry-there’s many beautiful look out spots where you can catch your breath, so take your time, relax and enjoy the view.



There is a small entry fee to the park, but it’s worth every penny! Stay tuned for more, but more importantly, Stay Alfresco!

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