Twin Falls Circuit


A little gem I found slightly off the circuit

Springbrook National Park is a MUST if you’re in QLD and love to explore. More specifically, the Twin Falls Circuit section is one of the finest available.

This walk begins at the Tallanbana picnic area in Springbrook National Park, or you could start from atop Canyon Lookout. It’s not a long circuit by any means, but it’s certainly one of my favorites. It’s diversity is second to none, boasting caves, shaded rain forest and, as you may have guessed, waterfalls!


If you don’t like getting wet, this might not be for you.

It’s an astonishing view driving up to the National Park, so even if you were just looking for a quiet picnic spot to relax and drink a glass (or two) of red, Springbrook National Park is the place to go. There’s so many other beautiful spots in Springbrook that I’ll be writing about so stay tuned and Stay Alfresco!

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