The Piano Graveyard


This is one of my favourite spots that I’ve ever been to! I had a friend of mine ( recommend this beautiful little spot to me and I’m so glad that she did. This field is absolutely littered with old pianos but finding it can

prove to be a bit of an issue.

It’s located about 10 minutes Perth-side of York but you won’t be able to see it from any road. We were hoping we’d just stumble across them on our way into York, but as York approached we soon realised that we must have driven past them. After a few laps back and forth, with nothing but farms to our left and trees to our right, we pulled over and found ourselves on a little nature reserve. We took a bit of a walk through the reserve, maybe ten minutes or so, and to our relief we were greeted by a field of beautiful old pianos!

If you happen to stumble across it, treasure it. I’m not entirely sure why a field like this exists but I’m super glad that it does.


Even if you can’t find it, York is an amazing place to spend your day and I’ll be writing about that soon. Stay Alfresco!

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2 thoughts on “The Piano Graveyard

  1. Ho there, your images are stunning. Would it be ok to post the piano under the tree on our facebook – australian piano award? If yes. Who shall I credit pic?

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