Hanging Rock- Blue Mountains


The Blue Mountains is a special place for me.

I remember coming here with my parents about 20 years ago. I remember seeing the Three Sisters and I remember wondering why they were called that when they were just rocks. I’ve always wanted to come back here ever since then and I’m so grateful I got the chance to.


This is dubbed Hanging Rock and it’s located up a fire trail deep within the Blue Mountains. I’m not sure if you’re technically allowed to, but I thought it’d be a terrific idea to camp the night up in the canyons and that’s exactly what I did. I remember boiling my water and eating my dehydrated food, with my legs dangling over the edge and into the canyon, whilst I watched the sunset dramatically change the colours of the rock as it’s light bounced off. I remember feeling completely and utterly free of any thoughts; I was lost, deep within the beauty of it all. If I could get just one other person to feel the way I did in that exact moment, I’d be happy. So here it is. Hanging Rock.


You can find exact trail notes here- http://bushwalkingnsw.com/walk.php?nid=722

Stay Alfresco!

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