Toodyay Canola Fields and History


When you think of Toodyay you probably think of bland farms and country roads, not flowers bursting with colour, or giant hills coated in Canola. However, if you visit Toodyay in Spring, you’ll see a new life come to the little town.

The hills come alive this time of year! Hawks are soaring and the town is jiving. There’s certainly a breath of fresh air floating in the wind. You can visit the Avon River, which connects through to the

Swan River, for a spot of camping, or you could head up to Pelham Reserve for some stunning views of the Avon Valley below.


If that doesn’t tickle your fancy that’s okay- the town of Toodyay boasts some awesome old architecture and history to go along with it. You can do a tour of the old Newcastle Gaol here which is where WA’s most famous bushranger, Moondyne Joe, was kept 150 years ago! There’s a miniature railway, an observatory and even an emu farm to check out.

Stay Alfresco!

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