Point Peron, Limestone Cliffs!


Point Peron is one of those places! You know those areas where no matter how many times you’ve been, you’ll always find yourself drawn back? There’s a certain charm found in the ever changing Limestone cliffs that beats along and resonates with your heart. This little mini promontory is a spectacular sight for those geologlically minded, those who enjoy snorkeling, or even those interested in perhaps seeing dolphins in the wild for the first time. It won’t take long to walk the length of the tracks here, and there’s a few secluded little beach coves that you could pull up a chair at to watch the sun dip below the horizon and disappear into the ocean.


You’ll probably come across many fisherman here as its quite the popular fishing spot. It’s also a snorkelers sanctuary! There’s offshore reefs littered throughout, with many overhangs, small caves and swim-throughs worth exploring. If you’d prefer to scuba dive, Point Peron also caters to your needs. About 150 metres north and south of Long Reach beach, there are reefs approximately seven metres deep where the caves and swim-throughs are even bigger and even better.


Point Peron is located roughly an hour south of Perth and is well worth an afternoon of exploring or a day spent snorkeling.

Stay Alfresco!

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