Wilsons Prom

For everyone dreaming of that holiday to Victoria, I strongly urge you to consider Wilsons Promontory in your plans, even for at least a night. Affectionately called ‘the prom’, Wilsons Promontory in my opinion has it all. As the southernmost tip of mainland Australia, the prom exhibits one of the most amazing and spectacular coastlines; scattered with numerous soft sandy beaches (for all those beach lovers), large granite peaks and sweeping coastlines with rainforests and open forests.

The most popular accommodation in the region is to camp in one of the many non-powered sites settled within the coastal heath at Tidal River (other more luxury huts/camping is available). The sites are hidden just behind the dunes of Norman Beach which provides beautiful sunsets and plenty of space to sun-bake away from crowds. Guests staying at the camping area will also almost definitely have a close encounter with Australian wildlife (wombats specifically) through the night as the tame wombats wander through campsites in search of food. As a warning, unless you want to be woken up in the middle of the night with a broken tent and sleeping next to one, keep all your food locked up or in the car!

Sunset at Norman Bay

The sunset at Norman Bay from the Tidal River campground

When visiting the prom, my three must see places (for day trippers) are:

Mount Oberon

For those feeling fit, I strongly recommend the hike to the top of Mount Oberon. It’s relatively short (3.4km) but steep and starts from the small carpark halfway up the mountain (telegraph saddle). When you reach the top, you end up in the clouds, with stunning views back up the promontory of Tidal River and beyond. This is by far the best place for lunch.

View From Mount Oberon

The breathtaking view of Wilsons Prom from atop Mount Oberon

Squeaky Beach

As is obvious from the name, squeaky beach is a small beach covered with very fine sand that squeaks as you walk. It is easily accessible by car (300m walk) or walking from Tidal River campground (2km). During peak periods it can be very popular, so don’t expect peace and tranquility here. But for those after a soft sand beach to sun-bake, it’s well worth the visit.

Little Oberon Bay

If you’re looking for more privacy and are feeling a little bit fitter, I recommend the beach at Little Oberon Bay. Accessed by a coastal track from the Tidal River campground, the walk to the bay provides views across Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park of the Anser and Glennie Islands, along with views of Mount Oberon and a view south to Oberon Bay. Similar to Squeaky Beach, Little Oberon Bay provides soft sand for your sun-baking needs and rock pools for those keen to snorkel (during my visit I had a mother and baby ray playing in the shallows). During calm weather, Little Oberon Bay provided the perfect surreal tranquility.

Little Oberon Bay

Little Oberon Bay: A surreal, tucked away beach that’s well worth the walk

Dancing sting-rays in the shallows

A mother and baby sting-ray chasing each other in the shallows of Little Oberon Bay


View of Anser and Glennie Island groups from track to Little Oberon Bay

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