Hollybank Forest

Hollybank Forest is located 20 minutes North East of Launceston.

Hollybank Forest is best known for its Ziplining, but if you’re short on cash (which is me), you can enjoy the beauty of the forest for free.

There are a few different walks to choose from.

One walk will take you through the pine trees which also features multiple Californian Redwoods and two large natural ponds.

Another walk will take you through the bulk of the forest. This walk provides viewing platforms along the way and there are some beautiful views (unfortunately I didn’t capture them as I was too busy taking it all in for myself). Along this walk there is a separate path that takes you down to a flowing river. This becomes a bit of a trek but it’s well worth it.

With surplus picnic and BBQ facilities, I highly recommend having lunch here under the pine trees and amongst the moss and mushrooms.

This is my first post on Stay Alfresco and I’m so stoked to be able to show off Tasmania. There will be many more posts from me to come. Until next time – Stay Alfresco!
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