Injidup Natural Spa

Spa sunset

Injidup Spa at sunset

What an amazing place! This guy is located just a couple of minutes drive from Yallingup down Wyadup Road. At the end of Wyadup Rd, you’ll find a little car park with some pretty spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. This is also a part of the Cape to Cape Track, with a trail heading North and above the rugged coast line down below. There’s a couple of smaller beaches either side though I haven’t really explored them – There was a whale carcass on the beach, and I didn’t want to end up as fish food.


Looking down from a section of the Cape to Cape Track.

There’s some great rocks to climb, which you’ll notice immediately from the car park, which really showcases how beautiful the view of the Indian Ocean really is from this spot. I sat upon the highest part and drank some tea with the warmth of the sunrise as the greatest company I could ask for.

To the left of the car park is where the real magic begins! You’ll find a little trail heading down to the beach below. After a bit of rock hopping you should be able to find a rock pool in the inlet. This isn’t a normal rock pool however – The surrounding rocks of the inlet act as a shelter from the waves as they crash and pour through gaps of the rocks and into the pool. On a day where the seas are rough enough, you can sit just in front of the little wedge of the rocks and get a beautiful massage delivered straight from Mother Nature herself. This delicate rock pool turns into an amazing natural spa that’s more than worth the three-hour drive from Perth City.


Injidup Spa at sunrise

As always; Stay Alfresco!

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