Injidup Natural Spa

Spa sunset

Injidup Spa at sunset


What an amazing place! This guy is located just a couple of minutes drive from Yallingup down Wyadup Road. At the end of Wyadup Rd, you’ll find a little car park with some pretty spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. This is also a part of the Cape to Cape Track, with a trail heading North and above the rugged coast line down below. There’s a couple of smaller beaches either side though I haven’t really explored them – There was a whale carcass on the beach, and I didn’t want to end up as fish food.  Continue reading

Point Peron, Limestone Cliffs!


Point Peron is one of those places! You know those areas where no matter how many times you’ve been, you’ll always find yourself drawn back? There’s a certain charm found in the ever changing Limestone cliffs that beats along and resonates with your heart. This little mini promontory is a spectacular sight for those geologlically minded, those who enjoy snorkeling, or even those interested in perhaps seeing dolphins in the wild for the first time. It won’t take long to walk the length of the tracks here, and there’s a few secluded little beach coves that you could pull up a chair at to watch the sun dip below the horizon and disappear into the ocean. Continue reading

Toodyay Canola Fields and History


When you think of Toodyay you probably think of bland farms and country roads, not flowers bursting with colour, or giant hills coated in Canola. However, if you visit Toodyay in Spring, you’ll see a new life come to the little town.

The hills come alive this time of year! Hawks are soaring and the town is jiving. There’s certainly a breath of fresh air floating in the wind. You can visit the Avon River, which connects through to the Continue reading