Injidup Natural Spa

Spa sunset

Injidup Spa at sunset

What an amazing place! This guy is located just a couple of minutes drive from Yallingup down Wyadup Road. At the end of Wyadup Rd, you’ll find a little car park with some pretty spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. This is also a part of the Cape to Cape Track, with a trail heading North and above the rugged coast line down below. There’s a couple of smaller beaches either side though I haven’t really explored them – There was a whale carcass on the beach, and I didn’t want to end up as fish food.

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Wilsons Prom

For everyone dreaming of that holiday to Victoria, I strongly urge you to consider Wilsons Promontory in your plans, even for at least a night. Affectionately called ‘the prom’, Wilsons Promontory in my opinion has it all. As the southernmost tip of mainland Australia, the prom exhibits one of the most amazing and spectacular coastlines; scattered with numerous soft sandy beaches (for all those beach lovers), large granite peaks and sweeping coastlines with rainforests and open forests.

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